Letter to General Gunnarn Loekr, from Sergeant Klintr Rekrsson

Written on the letterhead in the common tongue:

To whoso ever reads this missive:

A broken seal is a broken law. The contents therein are the correspondence of the devout and stalwart order of Tyr’s Hand. Unauthorized interception, study, translation, reproduction, or repetition of the contents of this missive constitutes a breach of security and a breach of lawful code, which constitutes a forfeiture of the infractor’s life. May Tyr’s justice be swift…for your sake.

Written in the cypher of Tyr’s Hand:

Dear General Loekr:

I hope this message finds you well and as high in Tyr’s favor as ever you were.

I realize that it has not been long since my first message to you. Indeed, it is unlikely that that my first message has reached you, let alone my subsequent ones. As such, I am not surprised I’ve not yet heard from you. But I write to you to further plead for haste in the matter of the order of the Waning Moon.

As news of the attack on the Scar has reached my ears, surely it has reached yours. Please add this to the evidence I have already presented for the existence of the Waning Moon. Surely there can no longer be any doubt that our dreaded enemy, Fenrir, is on the rise. I have no reliable information as to the Waning Moon’s true numbers, but their treachery and influence can be felt at every stop in my travels.

I have interrogated a young criminal who has said he was hired by the Shalecrack Clan to make it clear that the dwarves are not associated with the Waning Moon. I believe him. Of course, the hire of such a person for such a task is itself evidence to the contrary, as is the plans I and my companions discovered in Dvergfell for the construction of the Waning Moon’s stronghold.

I will see what other information I can glean from the prisoner once he regains consciousness. As of yet I have not relieved him of his mortal burden. As of yet.

I recommend the full might of Tyr’s Hand acts now General, before our enemy gains a foothold. I cannot stress this enough. As you know, General, I am a soldier, not an intelligence officer, but none can doubt the threat that looms.

I await your orders.

In the meantime, I shall continue to gather information and thwart the efforts of the enemy with my present companions. They are a quizzical lot and their quirks and peeves are equal sources of mirth and annoyance, but they have acquitted themselves well in battle, General, even the worshiper of the negligent Father. Once I have reached the Citadel, I would like to nominate them for civilian commendations. Not that these commendations will mean much to them. Which reminds me. There has been an addition to our party. A kender, if you can believe it. How he has survived so long in his fearless state is beyond me. How do any of them? But damned if he can’t strum a lute.

On an even more personal note, my sleep has been far from restful as of late. I am plagued by short nightmares that are difficult to explain. It’s not so much a vision, but a sensation. A sensation of being crushed and suffocated and burnt. I imagine that this is how my people…my parents felt when the Jotun laid waste to my home when I was a boy. Now, as then, I survive. Tyr willing, I shall continue to do so. but it’s gotten so that I no longer look forward to rest. Luckily I have my duties to keep me active. Sigrún (or Sigorn. The whole party continues to be puzzled as to the true pronunciation of her name) seems to be restless as well. Perhaps she suffers from the same dreams. I’m not on well enough terms with her to confide in her or expect her to confide in me.

By Tyr’s Hand, justice is mine,

Sgt. Klintr Rekrsson

Spinner's Tale
Bringing a spring on me cable

Well, it looks like Jack’s bringing a spring on his cable again, mate. That damnable lubber of a wizard sets me to minding the most dullest practice this side of Davy’s and this after a night of full-healthy carousing in celebration of me new found appointment, too. I just barely gets in from a long and lovely evening at the Platter, me deadlights not rightly open yet when this fella says, “sit ya down there and watch this here ‘speriment. And don’t let nothing happen to it.” Meanwhile there’s this table full of shiny widgets just whizzing and sputtering and lulling a man half to sleep with wonderment . Well,Jack got to watching the wrong ‘speriments and next thing he knows, he’s flying through the air, covered in grey bilge-filth with three pudgy wee demons chasing right after. So the whole place is bilged on her own anchor, so to speak, and Jack’s getting chased around by the wee fatties when, thank the lady, a crew of big folk more’n ready to help a poor bloke out and run them demons through and through. Then the bilge-filth itself rises against us. It’s about this time that your boy Jack was feeling like the wizarding world weren’t his port of call after all and mayhaps it’d be best to weigh anchor. Seems that old lubber wizard agreed and sent Jack on his way without so much as a thanks for dealing with the fat devils.

As it turned out, the crew that wandered into the fray were looking for the Platter and, as I had me leave to go where I pleased again, I decided a nice draught would do me right and I showed them the way. While I’m procuring a bit of the bumbo and a wee clap of thunder for meself, the crew goes and finds out the whereabouts of their own quarry and, as they say, “no prey, no pay,” Jack ambles along to help out. I’ll tell you the tale of that bit of merriment soon enough.

Hackett's Diary - 5/23/14

[There appears to be a few pages missing.]

him five gold pieces and Klintr still wouldn’t put his hand in it. Oh well.

So then it was off to see the wizard (Oh, that’s catchy.) Coryn did some scouting and saw the Vaskr quickly packing things. Then she high tailed it out of there before one of the suits of armor standing at the top of the stairs saw her. So we put our two suits of armor in front and went up to kick their butts.

The two suits of armor up top turned out to be some kind of magical contraptions with no one inside. They were fighting Klintr at the top of the stairs and the rest of us had a hard time getting around them. Eventually a couple of us were able to get to the top by using Media as a step ladder. Probably the only thing she’s good for. Hee hee. Sigrun helped Klintr with the suits while the rest of us went after the wizard.

When the bad wizard realized that things weren’t going good for him, he jumped out the window. But instead of falling, he started floating down. It didn’t take long for him to float farther than we could reach him. Coryn was able to shoot him dead, but he was still floating away. Luckily, there was a buzzard nearby that, somehow, I was able to make a deal with. Bob flew other and brought back the wizard’s body, so I gave him the three bodies that the wizard was working on.

After reading what was left of the wizard’s, we found out that he was using the bodies to figure out how to recreate werewolves. I appreciate the desire to bring back an extinct species, but werewolves? Even the Keepers were glad when they died off. The wizard also had some correspondence form a supplier in Gull Falls. We decided to go there to find that person and get more information. On the way, we’ll stop at Dvergfell to see if we can find out about the dwarves who ran away.

Hackett's Diary - 3/28/14

I may procrastinate too much.

I had a couple of easy days strolling through the countryside and staying in a small town. Did I write anything during that time? No. Instead I wait until I’m about to enter the lair of some dangerous people to write in my journal. But let me backup.

We all left the goblin hole and “convinced” Orick, our prisoner, to lead us to Deepmine. We walked southwest with Yggdrassil on our left. The rest of the day was uneventful and we ended up spending the night out in the open. During my watch, I heard a bunch of wolves howling. I cast Speak with Animals and found out that they’re relaying a message about regrouping at Hag’s End. I asked everyone else if they knew where that was and only Orick knew that it was in the southwest corner of Midgard.

That day, as we got closer to Deepmine, we came across a scattering of farms that had recently been attacked. We stopped at a random house and a young boy said that skraelings did it. In town, everyone was in the town hall talking about the attacks. Apparently there was some disagreement on whether or not it was skraelings as the only person who was sure was the town drunk.

During the talk, Orick succumbed to his guilty conscience and told us in private that it was the Waning Moon that did the attack. He then told where we could find them. On the map that we found earlier there is an image of a tree with dotted lines leading a black dot. That black dot is their headquarters. We decided to spend the night at the hotel and head for the cave the next morning. That’s when Coryn decided come back from her scouting patrol that she warned no one about. She had followed the tracks and found the tree.

It took most of the next day to get to the tree. As we were preparing to follow the path to the cave, a patrol of humans and wolves came upon us going the same way. We defeated them easily enough. And that’s when I decided to write this entry.

Hackett's Diary - 3/21/14

After waking in the forest outside the goblin hole, we decided to question our prisoner some more.

Wait a minute….

By Odin’s Beard! I just checked my last entry and I forgot to mention that we apprehended one of the humans that was talking to the goblin boss. You would think I would remember something like that! Especially after Klintr cut off one of the prisoner’s hands. (Must be a Tyr thing.)

Anyway, we didn’t get much more out of the guy. He worships Fenrir and he and everyone else following this Master guy wants to start Ragnarok. We did find out the name of a small town nearby, Deep Mine. None of us had heard of it before.

So we decided to go back into the goblin hole to do a little more investigating. We came across three goblins that were worshiping something. On their alter were three totems. One looked like a flame and another like a lightning bolt. I’m not sure what the other was, maybe darkness or a void. Anyway, after some surprisingly good spell-casting by Media, we put down the goblins without breaking a sweat.

We then found the way out without finding anyone else. No one in the group recognized where we were, but some of the landmarks we could see matched up with the map we found. So I guess we have an idea of where to go from here.

Hackett's Diary - 3/7/14

After killing the ogre, we looked around the kitchen and found a hidden door. We opened it just enough to get a look. As soon as David smelled the fresher air on the other side, he bolted down the hallway. I wanted to run after him, but everyone else said no, we have to walk slowly in single file. Sigh.

After a while we encountered some goblins who shot at us with arrows. After we took care of them, I didn’t see any sign of David so he must have gotten through okay. There was an alcove just off the hallway near the goblins. In the alcove was an opening or window overlooking a much larger cavern where a couple humans were talking to a large goblin sitting on a throne. Next to the goblin were another burly goblin and an unnatural giant spider. After the humans talked a bit about some master we decided to attack. As I was about to throw my spear at the spider I noticed above the window another spider! We fought a bit and the bottom spider eventually climbed up to meet us.

I must have hit my head or something because I don’t remember how the fight ended. Afterward we searched around and found map that didn’t have any recognizable landmarks on it. Then we followed the hallway again. It ended at a waterfall and behind that was the most beautiful and pristine forest glen I have ever seen. We found a place to camp and I took second watch during which I received sign that I immediately recognized. I followed the sign and found David, perfectly fine. Then a dryad stepped from her tree. She thanked me for helping David and grew a new staff for me. I shall treasure it always.


Most of our heroes returned to the inn, happy to celebrate their victory and bask in their first taste of celebrity. Bot not Coryn. Coryn decided she’d rather hide in the barn. She may not have gotten any free drinks or heard any gossip about dwarves, but she did learn an important name: The Waning Moon!

Our party gets a late start the next day and is alone on the road as they make their way to the Scar. After several hours, they come upon a strange man sitting at a large, ornate table in the middle of the road. They approach cautiously, but he is not surprised. It quickly becomes apparenent that he’s not some average weirdo. In fact, it’s Loki, the trickster god! Loki tells the players that it would not be safe for them to continue on to the Market. As a “favor” to the party, Loki teleports them away from the Scar.

The players come to in a dark room full food (and rats). They defeat the rats with the help of David, a captive boar. They bash their way out of the storeroom, into the kitchen, and defeat the ogre chef. They still don’t know where they are, but they’re on a roll!

Hackett's Diary - 2/28/14

The innkeeper was grateful for the work we did last night, so she made a large special breakfast for us. It wasn’t as good as Mom’s oatmeal, but very tasty. During the meal, I got to know the others that fought with me. Klintr is a member of Tyr’s Hand and was on his way to the Scar’s market to help police it. Sigrun is a paladin of Odin and seems to be on some holy mission. The reclusive ranger Coryn was there and, wonders never cease, she was traveling with someone. Media is a townie and I think Coryn is helping her travel because she wouldn’t last half a day in the wild.

Because of the meal, the five of us left later than the rest of the travelers and we had the road almost to ourselves. After a while, Media gave me a piece of candy. For a townie, she’s pretty nice. Later, we came upon a man who seemed to decide to place his desk in the middle of the road. It was Loki, the trickster god! After a show of effortless power, he told us that we weren’t ready for what we would find in the Scar. He then teleported us to what appeared to be a pantry inside of a cave. My attention was immediately drawn to a boar that was chained to the wall and clearly traumatized. I spoke with him, calmed him down, and freed him. The boar then helped us defeat some large rats that were enjoying biting us a little too much.

We had to break out of the pantry and then followed a hallway to a kitchen run by an ogre. Before we had a chance to react, David the boar rushed in and attacked the ogre. I think it hurt David many times. With David’s help, we easily dispatched the ogre.

Retcon: The Limping Mare
It's usually a very safe inn.

I decided to spend my dinner break making something up about the inn you all met at, The Limping Mare.

First Steps - 2/21/14
"I'm great at squirrels!"

Five newly-forged adventurers make their way to the annual market at Miklagaard, each with his or her own motivation:
Coryn – A reclusive ranger. Coryn has been forced to choose the lesser of two evils. The idea of a bustling market sets her teeth on edge, but it appears to be her best chance to rid herself of a certain helpless and demanding wizard.
Hackett – An eager druid. To his surprise and delight, Hackett has finally been given a chance to show his grandmother and the other Keepers what he’s capable of. Long seasons of cultivating woodland informants paid off when Hackett helped defeat a band of goblins and secure a packet of Jotun correspondence. Maybe he can find a translator at the market!
Klintr – A devout and dutiful soldier of Tyr. Klintr comes to the market on orders from the Citadel, ready to supply justice and order as needed — a chance to provide others with the safe and secure life that was stolen from him.
Media – A voluble wizard. Small-minded village folk may have driven Media from her home, but the market offers opportunities better-suited to her talents and demeanor. Unfortunately, her journey will be plagued by a certain dour and unhelpful ranger.
Sigrun – A righteous paladin. Guided by a mystic vision, Sigrun serves the Allfather by setting forth on a quest of personal sacrifice. Her vision was unclear, but she’s certain the market faces some manner of threat.

Less than a day’s journey from the Scar, our heroes are caught in a savage and unseasonable storm. The five strangers find themselves together in a quiet side room of an otherwise chaotic inn full of similarly stranded travelers. After a brief visit from a mysterious yet familiar old man, their attention is drawn to a suspicious silence in the stables. The unexpected allies vanquish a band of men and wolves, marked with an unknown insignia. The day is saved, but dark questions remain unanswered . . .


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