Most of our heroes returned to the inn, happy to celebrate their victory and bask in their first taste of celebrity. Bot not Coryn. Coryn decided she’d rather hide in the barn. She may not have gotten any free drinks or heard any gossip about dwarves, but she did learn an important name: The Waning Moon!

Our party gets a late start the next day and is alone on the road as they make their way to the Scar. After several hours, they come upon a strange man sitting at a large, ornate table in the middle of the road. They approach cautiously, but he is not surprised. It quickly becomes apparenent that he’s not some average weirdo. In fact, it’s Loki, the trickster god! Loki tells the players that it would not be safe for them to continue on to the Market. As a “favor” to the party, Loki teleports them away from the Scar.

The players come to in a dark room full food (and rats). They defeat the rats with the help of David, a captive boar. They bash their way out of the storeroom, into the kitchen, and defeat the ogre chef. They still don’t know where they are, but they’re on a roll!


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