First Steps - 2/21/14

"I'm great at squirrels!"

Five newly-forged adventurers make their way to the annual market at Miklagaard, each with his or her own motivation:
Coryn – A reclusive ranger. Coryn has been forced to choose the lesser of two evils. The idea of a bustling market sets her teeth on edge, but it appears to be her best chance to rid herself of a certain helpless and demanding wizard.
Hackett – An eager druid. To his surprise and delight, Hackett has finally been given a chance to show his grandmother and the other Keepers what he’s capable of. Long seasons of cultivating woodland informants paid off when Hackett helped defeat a band of goblins and secure a packet of Jotun correspondence. Maybe he can find a translator at the market!
Klintr – A devout and dutiful soldier of Tyr. Klintr comes to the market on orders from the Citadel, ready to supply justice and order as needed — a chance to provide others with the safe and secure life that was stolen from him.
Media – A voluble wizard. Small-minded village folk may have driven Media from her home, but the market offers opportunities better-suited to her talents and demeanor. Unfortunately, her journey will be plagued by a certain dour and unhelpful ranger.
Sigrun – A righteous paladin. Guided by a mystic vision, Sigrun serves the Allfather by setting forth on a quest of personal sacrifice. Her vision was unclear, but she’s certain the market faces some manner of threat.

Less than a day’s journey from the Scar, our heroes are caught in a savage and unseasonable storm. The five strangers find themselves together in a quiet side room of an otherwise chaotic inn full of similarly stranded travelers. After a brief visit from a mysterious yet familiar old man, their attention is drawn to a suspicious silence in the stables. The unexpected allies vanquish a band of men and wolves, marked with an unknown insignia. The day is saved, but dark questions remain unanswered . . .


AndrewFH AndrewFH

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