Hackett's Diary - 2/28/14

The innkeeper was grateful for the work we did last night, so she made a large special breakfast for us. It wasn’t as good as Mom’s oatmeal, but very tasty. During the meal, I got to know the others that fought with me. Klintr is a member of Tyr’s Hand and was on his way to the Scar’s market to help police it. Sigrun is a paladin of Odin and seems to be on some holy mission. The reclusive ranger Coryn was there and, wonders never cease, she was traveling with someone. Media is a townie and I think Coryn is helping her travel because she wouldn’t last half a day in the wild.

Because of the meal, the five of us left later than the rest of the travelers and we had the road almost to ourselves. After a while, Media gave me a piece of candy. For a townie, she’s pretty nice. Later, we came upon a man who seemed to decide to place his desk in the middle of the road. It was Loki, the trickster god! After a show of effortless power, he told us that we weren’t ready for what we would find in the Scar. He then teleported us to what appeared to be a pantry inside of a cave. My attention was immediately drawn to a boar that was chained to the wall and clearly traumatized. I spoke with him, calmed him down, and freed him. The boar then helped us defeat some large rats that were enjoying biting us a little too much.

We had to break out of the pantry and then followed a hallway to a kitchen run by an ogre. Before we had a chance to react, David the boar rushed in and attacked the ogre. I think it hurt David many times. With David’s help, we easily dispatched the ogre.


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