Hackett's Diary - 3/28/14

I may procrastinate too much.

I had a couple of easy days strolling through the countryside and staying in a small town. Did I write anything during that time? No. Instead I wait until I’m about to enter the lair of some dangerous people to write in my journal. But let me backup.

We all left the goblin hole and “convinced” Orick, our prisoner, to lead us to Deepmine. We walked southwest with Yggdrassil on our left. The rest of the day was uneventful and we ended up spending the night out in the open. During my watch, I heard a bunch of wolves howling. I cast Speak with Animals and found out that they’re relaying a message about regrouping at Hag’s End. I asked everyone else if they knew where that was and only Orick knew that it was in the southwest corner of Midgard.

That day, as we got closer to Deepmine, we came across a scattering of farms that had recently been attacked. We stopped at a random house and a young boy said that skraelings did it. In town, everyone was in the town hall talking about the attacks. Apparently there was some disagreement on whether or not it was skraelings as the only person who was sure was the town drunk.

During the talk, Orick succumbed to his guilty conscience and told us in private that it was the Waning Moon that did the attack. He then told where we could find them. On the map that we found earlier there is an image of a tree with dotted lines leading a black dot. That black dot is their headquarters. We decided to spend the night at the hotel and head for the cave the next morning. That’s when Coryn decided come back from her scouting patrol that she warned no one about. She had followed the tracks and found the tree.

It took most of the next day to get to the tree. As we were preparing to follow the path to the cave, a patrol of humans and wolves came upon us going the same way. We defeated them easily enough. And that’s when I decided to write this entry.


AndrewFH AndrewFH

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