Hackett's Diary - 3/7/14

After killing the ogre, we looked around the kitchen and found a hidden door. We opened it just enough to get a look. As soon as David smelled the fresher air on the other side, he bolted down the hallway. I wanted to run after him, but everyone else said no, we have to walk slowly in single file. Sigh.

After a while we encountered some goblins who shot at us with arrows. After we took care of them, I didn’t see any sign of David so he must have gotten through okay. There was an alcove just off the hallway near the goblins. In the alcove was an opening or window overlooking a much larger cavern where a couple humans were talking to a large goblin sitting on a throne. Next to the goblin were another burly goblin and an unnatural giant spider. After the humans talked a bit about some master we decided to attack. As I was about to throw my spear at the spider I noticed above the window another spider! We fought a bit and the bottom spider eventually climbed up to meet us.

I must have hit my head or something because I don’t remember how the fight ended. Afterward we searched around and found map that didn’t have any recognizable landmarks on it. Then we followed the hallway again. It ended at a waterfall and behind that was the most beautiful and pristine forest glen I have ever seen. We found a place to camp and I took second watch during which I received sign that I immediately recognized. I followed the sign and found David, perfectly fine. Then a dryad stepped from her tree. She thanked me for helping David and grew a new staff for me. I shall treasure it always.


AndrewFH TroyBurkle

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