1) Hackett grew up in an isolated cottage in the Small Forest with his mother Ingrid who is the daughter of Jarfr, the human Warden of the Keepers. He doesn’t know who his father is.

2) As a half-elf, Hackett never felt like he belonged. Everyone always made fun of him a bit. Whenever he has a chance to make new friends, he tries too hard and comes off as annoying.

3) Hackett spends his time roaming the forest, looking after it, and occasionally helping “townies” find their way through it.

4) Recently Hackett warned the Keepers about a small incursion of goblins he found. He then proved himself by fighting well against them.

5) The goblin fight convinced Jarfr that there might be bigger threat against the Small
Forest and has sent Hackett to the Scar to learn what he can of it.

1) Hackett’s grandmother is Jarfr, the human Warden of the Keepers. Hackett is clearly not her favorite and he feels compelled to prove his worth to her and make her proud. Jarfr did not approve of Ingrid’s relationship with Hackett’s father and after he left, Hackett received some of the cold shoulder meant for his father.

2) Elebrind is an Elven druid and Keeper member. He taught Hackett nature lore and druid craft. Being an elf and a lot older, Hackett teasingly calls him “Old Man” and is called “Youngling” in response. Elebrind can be a source of support and advice.

3) Hackett’s mother is Ingrid. She had a tryst with an elf that resulted in Hackett. She never talks about him except to say that he was handsome and kind. She loves her son very much and would do almost anything to see him happy.

1) Hackett remembers the first time he seen his grandmother turn into an animal. It filled him awe and a little fear.

2) Ingrid made the best oatmeal in the world every morning. Hackett tries to duplicate it, but it never seems right.

3) Hackett remembers the first time he tried casting a spell. He tried to create water in a cup and instead drenched himself and Elebrind in front of a small group of fellow druids-in-training. The humiliation he felt led to more private lessons.


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