Hackett's Diary - 2/21/14

I’m getting close to the Scar now. Less than a day away, I had to stop for the night at an inn called the Limping Mare. Who would name an inn after a hurt horse? Doesn’t seem very nice. Anyway, a weird storm blew in and the inn was crowded with travelers seeking shelter. I took the opportunity to ask some of the other tenants about the goblin document. No luck. Oh, weird coincidence. Coryn’s here! Never thought to see her away from the Small Forest, much less in a room full of people.

After we were talking a bit, an old man with an eye patch seemed to appear out of nowhere by the fire. He had a cryptic message that I’m having a hard time remembering. As he was speaking, the door blew open and he disappeared.

Shortly after, Coryn and I heard something from the stables. We and some other tenants went to check it out. Some men had broken in and scared all the horses into running away. Poor things. The men might have been doing something else. I don’t know. Anyway, the other tenants and I went after the men and found out they had trained wolves to fight for them. Those men were so cruel! We didn’t have any choice but to put the wolves down. Oh, and we put down the men as well. They had some weird crescent moon symbol on their shirts.

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