Here’s a non-exhaustive list of groups that exist in Midgard. This list can include anything from a small warband to a continent-spanning brotherhood.

Tyr’s Hand: A group that worships Tyr, god of law, justice, and war, above all others.

The Red Cloud: A loose tribe of berserker warriors, devoted to Thor, who make their living as mercenaries.

The Deepvein Clan: The richest dwarf clan under the mountains. The Deepveins made their name and fortune on the strength of their smelting and alloying processes.

The Shalecrack Clan: An up-and-coming dwarf clan. The Shalecracks have adopted the novel and controversial strategy of mining and selling gold ore, a possible violation of the agreement between the gnomes and dwarves.

Gnomish Universities: The several gnomish universities all teach and practice all manner of crafting and enchantment, though each has its specialties. They are generally self-sufficient but will augment their wealth through contract work to the very wealthy.

The Halfling Navy: All adult halflings are required to serve in the navy for some period of time, and many serve longer than that. The navy is loosely organized and captains generally operate at their own discretion, running trade or raiding voyages, but any ship may be called up for service.

The Keepers: The Keepers live in and tend the Small Forest, with a main base on the shores of Mani Lake. They were originally composed of Elven druids who’d made their way out of the Great Forest. Over time, the elves have accepted others into their organization and trained new druids of other races.

The Elvish Circle: The matriarchal rulers of the elves of the Great Forest.

The Waning Moon: A secret brotherhood of men who worship Fenrir.

The Tribe of Three: A tribe of goblins found living in the mountains of Midgard.


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