Hackett's Diary - 3/21/14

After waking in the forest outside the goblin hole, we decided to question our prisoner some more.

Wait a minute….

By Odin’s Beard! I just checked my last entry and I forgot to mention that we apprehended one of the humans that was talking to the goblin boss. You would think I would remember something like that! Especially after Klintr cut off one of the prisoner’s hands. (Must be a Tyr thing.)

Anyway, we didn’t get much more out of the guy. He worships Fenrir and he and everyone else following this Master guy wants to start Ragnarok. We did find out the name of a small town nearby, Deep Mine. None of us had heard of it before.

So we decided to go back into the goblin hole to do a little more investigating. We came across three goblins that were worshiping something. On their alter were three totems. One looked like a flame and another like a lightning bolt. I’m not sure what the other was, maybe darkness or a void. Anyway, after some surprisingly good spell-casting by Media, we put down the goblins without breaking a sweat.

We then found the way out without finding anyone else. No one in the group recognized where we were, but some of the landmarks we could see matched up with the map we found. So I guess we have an idea of where to go from here.


AndrewFH TroyBurkle

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