Hackett's Diary - 5/23/14

[There appears to be a few pages missing.]

him five gold pieces and Klintr still wouldn’t put his hand in it. Oh well.

So then it was off to see the wizard (Oh, that’s catchy.) Coryn did some scouting and saw the Vaskr quickly packing things. Then she high tailed it out of there before one of the suits of armor standing at the top of the stairs saw her. So we put our two suits of armor in front and went up to kick their butts.

The two suits of armor up top turned out to be some kind of magical contraptions with no one inside. They were fighting Klintr at the top of the stairs and the rest of us had a hard time getting around them. Eventually a couple of us were able to get to the top by using Media as a step ladder. Probably the only thing she’s good for. Hee hee. Sigrun helped Klintr with the suits while the rest of us went after the wizard.

When the bad wizard realized that things weren’t going good for him, he jumped out the window. But instead of falling, he started floating down. It didn’t take long for him to float farther than we could reach him. Coryn was able to shoot him dead, but he was still floating away. Luckily, there was a buzzard nearby that, somehow, I was able to make a deal with. Bob flew other and brought back the wizard’s body, so I gave him the three bodies that the wizard was working on.

After reading what was left of the wizard’s, we found out that he was using the bodies to figure out how to recreate werewolves. I appreciate the desire to bring back an extinct species, but werewolves? Even the Keepers were glad when they died off. The wizard also had some correspondence form a supplier in Gull Falls. We decided to go there to find that person and get more information. On the way, we’ll stop at Dvergfell to see if we can find out about the dwarves who ran away.


AndrewFH AndrewFH

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