Sigrún's Campaign Notes


Back @ the Inn (Limping Mare) night after big fight

  • Gossip in inn is that the Scar is getting “uppity” (calling themselves Miklagard)
  • Deepvein clan presence is grumbling abt Shalecrack clan and their terrible cheap crap
  • Bardis Barleycorn (innkeeper) gives us special thank-you breakfast
  • Coryn overheard in stable – cult w/ crescent moon sigil called “Waning Moon”
  • Coryn also knows that storm last night was unseasonable for this time of year
  • Media can read the bad guy papers Hackett has!
    • They mention “The Master,” who seems like an outside force
    • Say that Waning Moon is in small forest to scope out Keepers

Walking to Scar

  • Man sitting at table & chair in middle of road w/ short red hair going thru papers (not reading, killing time)
  • Acts like a snoot, teleports Coryn, won’t let us leave
  • It’s Loki! Sigrún is not pleased
  • He wants us to not be at the market in the Scar
  • Teleport! We’ve been splinched!

We awaken in a pantry with 4 rats and a boar

  • We kill them with help from boar (David)

Sigrún charges around corner in hallway: Ogre chef in next room (kitchen)

  • We hand this ogre his ass
  • Media finds a dagger

Secret Door!

  • Ooooo!


We Open the Secret Door!

  • Proceed down a dark corridor
  • Marching order: K, H, M, C, S
  • Klintr yells at a humanoid creature ahead, then gets shot w/ 2 arrows
  • Coryn shoots back and there is a squeak and a gurgle

We Fight Goblins

  • Media puts them to sleep, then we kill them

We’re in a Hallway

  • Hallway comes out to an alcove above the goblin throne room
  • Goblins are meeting w/ 2 humans from Waning Moon
  • Goblins called “The Tribe of the Three”
  • Will the Tribe of the 3 support the Waning Moon in their effort to suppress/defeat the lesser humanoids in the land?

We Attack!

  • Media puts the humans to sleep
  • We fight 2 spiders, a goblin warrior and the goblin leader
  • Sigrún kills a spider!
  • The 2nd spider lowers a rope, the goblin warrior climbs up
  • Klintr shoves the warrior off the ledge
  • Hackett goes to 0 hp
  • We kill them all except one human
  • Sigrún stabilizes Hackett & heals him w/ his potion


  • Klintr and Sigrún ask the remaining human questions
  • The Waning Moon serves the Master, the Master serves Fenrir
  • Then Klintr chops off his hand and he passes out
  • We found a map! It is terrible

Klintr Finds an Exit Behind Waterfall That Leads to Large Forest in Box Canyon

  • We rest there! Yay!


After Beating the Snot out of Some Goblins

  • Media insists that the party bring handless guy (Orick) along
  • We descend a rocky cliff (lowering Orick)
  • Go around scrubby forest – there’s a tower in the distance
  • We camp for the night – tie Orick to rock
  • During the night, Hackett hears wolves howling/barking
  • One says “Forces routed, regroup @ ’Hag’s End’"
  • Relayed thru wolf network from far E wolf until far SW wolf

The Next Day

  • Orick is nervous, says we shouldn’t go to Deepmine (for reasons yet undisclosed)
  • We are traversing a rocky tundra
  • About noon we come to farms on outskirts of village, some of which have been burnt out, all others around have been abandoned
  • Coryn explores burned-out farmhouse and finds human/wolf tracks
  • She examines the tracks, find they go west of scrubby forest
  • Media and Hackett check out non-burned out farmhouse
  • Young boy answers door, says skraelings from mountains burnt farms/stole food 2 nights ago


  • Lots of noise coming from town hall, they’re having a meeting abt recent attack
  • Media attempts a grand entrance, presents Orick
  • There is some dispute as to whether they were attacked by skraelings or something else
  • They give us 5 gp for Orick
  • Offer us 50 gp, room and board, message to Tyr’s Hand
  • We stick Orick in the stocks
  • He finally tells us where to find Waning Moon headquarters
  • There is path into mountains that leads to a cave from dead tree
  • We take advantage of the free room and board
  • Klintr and Coryn guard Orick

The Next Day, on the Road to Waning Moon Cave

  • We are jumped by 2 humans, 3 reg wolves and a warg
  • Hackett attempts to talk to warg, warg replies that he cannot be tricked and tells others that Fenrir can give them more than us
  • We kill all but one wolf, who escapes


Now We’ll Find Out Where Those Guys Came From

  • Coryn sneaks around, falls over and sees the secret entrance
  • She reports back, then sneaks up and examines door
  • Door stinks of sulfur but we approach anyway

We Go Inside, Where There Are Pools of Terrible Dangerous Gunk

  • We see a warg lurking, we injure him, he runs, we pursue
  • Hackett climbs nearby cliff and finds many kobolds!
  • Sigrún climbs as well
  • Media puts several kobolds to sleep
  • A lot of kobolds died, as did the warg
  • Klintr and Media got glue-bombed and stuck to the floor and it was hilarious
  • One tried to get away but Sigrún totally killed him

We Proceed Down a Hallway

  • Find a guard room w/ two guards
  • One says “I don’t care what the master says, our job is easy now that job is now that the kobolds are teamed up w/ us”
  • They try to escape out of back door and up spiral staircase
  • We kill the little one, almost kill the big one (Percy)
  • We tie Percy up


We Are Tired but Need to Ask This Guy Questions

  • Sigrún heals Percy so he can be interrogated
  • He is disrespectful, quickly makes Sigrún mad and she knocks him out again
  • We block the door and go to the kobold area for sleeping
  • At the start of fourth watch we hear something

Noises on the Other Side of the Door!

  • Hackett turns into wolf (Wolfett) and hangs out at the door to try to fool them
  • Steve the Priest comes first, is not entirely fooled, tips off the other guys
  • One guard follows Wolfett down the hallway toward us
  • We all really suck at hitting this guy, then eventually start hitting him
  • We kill them all, including one guy who gets stuck in the door, butt akimbo
  • We torture him in the butt forever

One Dude Gets Away and We Chase Him

  • We chase him up for a million zillion years
  • We finally kill him
  • We find some gold, 2 healing potions


We Leave the Cave and Go Outside

  • Find a nice clearing to finish resting in
  • After resting, we interrogate Percy (who Sigrún grabbed and dragged along)
  • Percy gives no useful information before Klintr kills him (which he totally, totally deserved!)

Back Inside, Up to Door, at Which Coryn Listens

  • Argument – two sets of voices (one more monster-y than other) arguing over where Throgg is
  • Both groups mentioning loyalty to Vaskur
  • Interrupted by magically amplified voice: “Shut up! Do you have no more loyalty to me? If you interrupt me at my studies again I’ll drown you all!”

We Wait for Mob to Disperse, Then Carefully Open Door

  • Room w/ tables, cooking fire in center
  • Sigrún is able to sense BIG EVIL down hallway to left of cooking fire, also down hallway behind us are six “outsider” presences behind tapestry
  • Coryn peers @ BIG EVIL — huge Fenrir altar, two dried out skeletons
  • Hackett, Coryn, and Klintr see door across from us close as if someone were peering at us
  • Klintr opts to open this door and pursue DESPITE SIGRÚN’S STRONG OBJECTION

Time for Fights!

  • We enter another room where there are 4 dwarves
  • Three escape into a secret passage, Klintr pursues
  • They shove Klintr out and all escape into secret passage, we can’t follow
  • Not actually time for fights after all!
  • We’re in dwarven bunks and they all got away
  • At least we got map of whole building! Looks like it was constructed around pre-existing altar

We Go Down Hallway Behind Us to Find Fights After All

  • Hobgoblins! Six of them! Now we fights!
  • Sigrún kills three of them, the rest also die

After Combat, Coryn Searches Dwarven Barracks

  • Evidence that they grabbed their payment and ran
  • Also evidence that these dwarves were of the Shalecrack clan (shitty goods)

Then Klintr and Media Inspect Fenrir Altar Room

  • Two human bodies hanging from ceiling, tied together at feet w/ spear shoved through both
  • One of them has breastplate of Tyr, one has breastplate of Odin
  • Sigrún and Klintr move skeletons onto tables to prepare for burning (on pyres!)


Time to Check out Remaining Door Leading to Wizard Tower

  • Spiral staircase, Coryn sneaks up to top
  • Man running around apparently burning papers in fireplace and packing to leave (?)
  • Two suits of armor @ top of stairs, one turns to look at Coryn
  • Coryn ducks out of sight, runs back downstairs

We Run Upstairs to Kill Everyone

  • After a few rounds, Vaskur jumps out the window to escape
  • We kill him as he is falling, Media casts light on Coryn’s arrow but Coryn misses
  • Hackett befriends Bob the Buzzard who fetches Vaskur’s corpse for us

Man, This Wizard Was a Big Sicko

  • Vaskur has left behind 3 vivisected bodies: 1 hobgoblin, 1 dwarf, 1 wolf
  • Vaskur’s notes indicate he was trying to discover how dwarves came about (were they derived from hobgoblins?, etc.), also trying to make some sort of wolf creature, maybe werewolf
  • We’ve all heard stories abt werewolves, which used to exist but were exterminated, seems Vaskur was trying to make new ones
  • Correspondence from woman named Huld
    • Discussion of creepy creepy research
    • Encouragement of progress
    • Promise of more hobgoblins provided
    • “The Master will be pleased,” “Our plans are going well”
    • Responding to Vaskur’s many trivial demands
    • Newest letter thanks Vaskur for hard work, seems as if he’s finished his job

After the Battle We All Go Downstairs

  • Klintr and Sigrún burn the bodies of their comrades and Sigrún reconsecrates evil area
  • Things feel more peaceful although there is some lingering melancholy
  • This causes spear and shield to be somewhat identifiable

Heading Out to Places Yet Unseen

  • Perhaps track Shalecrack dwarves who ran away?
  • Dwarven trading area on the way to Gultown (where there is temple of Odin!!)


  • Dagger
  • Healing potion
  • 116 gp
  • 32 silver
  • Oilskin pouch
  • 6 moon necklaces → distributed to all party members
  • 4 imitation moon necklaces
  • 10 gold candlesticks w/ semiprecious gems
  • Magic shield +1 w/ some sort of attunement that seems like it needs to be unlocked (Tyr shield from corpse in Vaskur’s tower) → Klintr
  • Magic spear +1 w/ some sort of attunement that seems like it needs to be unlocked (Odin spear from corpse in Vaskur’s tower) → Sigrún
  • Vaskur’s Stuff
    • Magic Ring of Featherfall (wingy motif, fall @ 10 ft per round) → Coryn
    • Wand of Magic Missiles (7 charges) → Media
    • Bag
      • Food
      • More notes
      • Spellbook → Media
      • Bedroll → Media
      • Correspondence from Huld

Sigrún's Campaign Notes

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